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Cyndx Insights: Snapchat alternatives

Snap (NYSE: SNAP) has been quite rocky. As a technology company, it initially grew to fame through Snapchat, an instant photo messaging service. From here, it grew to four products, Snapchat, Spectacles, Bitmoji, and Zenly. Snap stock is growing steadily from its record low ($4.82) in December 2018. Now, Snap has announced that it will…

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Cyndx Insights: Netflix alternatives

On-demand content has boomed in recent years. Video on demand (VOD) has perturbed the media industry, offering an alternative to the traditional cable access. As a result, the advertising and entertainment industries had to react to combat this personalized, and leisure-driven, form of entertainment. Now, many major entertainment providers are trying to capture a share…

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Cyndx Insights: A brief Nintendo history

Nintendo, the Japanese multinational electronics company, announced earlier the redesigned Switch, called Switch Lite, that is designed to be played exclusively on-the-go. Analysts, and gamers alike, are worried that the Switch will mark the death knell the Nintendo 3DS however, Nintendo states it will continue support for the 3DS family of systems. Check out the…

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Cyndx Insights: Alternative Meat Market

Global sustainability, and most specifically food sustainability, has been increasingly spoken about in the last several months. With Beyond Meat’s successful IPO (with a share price nearly 200% its opening value in just under 2 months), markets are hot to discover the next impactful entry into the Alternative Meat, or food, industry. Some analysts claim…

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Cyndx Insights: Clean Tech Industry

  Clean technology is the sector of products and services that reduce negative environmental impacts through a variety of means. In a recent Forbes article, it is claimed that businesses could gain $2.1 trillion by embracing low-carbon tech, by implementing environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques, climate friendly products, and sustainable developments. Using Cyndx Finder, we ran a…

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Cyndx Insights: Brex and the Corporate Financing Market

Brex, the self-proclaimed “Smartest card in the Room”, has recently raised another $100M of capital, only 6 months after its last round of $125M. Notably, in the last 6 months, the San Francisco-based firm has risen from a fresh unicorn ($1.1bn valuation) to much more established firm with $2.6bn valuation. Brex primarily targets the business…

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