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23andMe – Cyndx Finder Analysis

  23andMe, the genetics-to-customer as a service company, recently received a $300M equity investment from GlaxoSmithKline. The terms of the investment mention a 4 year collaboration whereby the firms will split costs and profits equally.  With this new injection of capital, 23andMe plans to utilize genetic data to find new drug targets and better select patients…

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ClassPass – Cyndx Finder Analysis

ClassPass, the gym-class subscription as a service, recently raised an $85M series D round led jointly by L Catterton and Temasek. With this new injection of capital, the total funding for ClassPass grows to $255M. This fitness-focused firm helps to encourage the clients to ‘work out where [they] want, when [they] want, and how [they] want’…

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Fastly – Cyndx Finder Analysis

Fastly Fastly, a content delivery network (CDN) system founded in San Francisco in 2011, has recently raised $40M Series F round led by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners. With this new injection of capital, the total funding for Fastly rockets to $219M . This Californian firm helps to accelerate content loading and serving by pre-caching website…

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